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The 2021 Web Developer Survey results are here!

Hello and drink to the 2021 Inventor Check. This time over repliers took the time to partake in their feedback on the tools and trends that are shaping software development. As always, we’re so thankful to those who took the time to share.

This time’s survey was a little different than the bones in times past. We opened our 2020 check in February, and by the time we got around to publishing the results, the reality of work and diurnal life had shifted dramatically for people around the globe. The epidemic continues to ply a strong influence on the shape of our frugality and society, so we tried to keep this time’s check shorter and concentrated on effects outside the traditional office.

We learned a lot about the way inventors learn. For the rising cohort of coders under the age of 18, online coffers like vids and blogs are more popular than books and academies combined, a statistic that doesn’t hold for any of our other age cohorts. Overall the inventor profession is full of new joiners, with further than 50% indicating they’ve been rendering for lower than a decade, and further than 35% having lower than five times in the trade.

Roughly a third of repliers responded to our question on internal health. This is twice the chance that offered feedback in 2020 and may reflect the growing mindfulness of internal health’s significance and the impact of the ongoing epidemic.

Another trend that may be linked to the epidemic is work status. We see a lesser chance of repliers working part-time or in the academy, while those indicating full-time employment dropped. This may reflect the goods of the epidemic, which saw workers from all diligence stepping back and redefining their relationship between a five-day workweek and in-person employment.

As always, there were many new languages on our leaderboards and some intriguing shifts among the most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted technologies. We also introduced new sapience to this section, measuring technologies inventors have Worked Withvs. Want to Work With. There are some veritably cool, interactive illustrations showing the languages, databases, and fabrics that inventors want to resettle towards.

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Be sure to check out all the data and perceptivity from the full Dev Check then. Beyond this periodic event, we’re expanding our exploration sweats and planning to run a number of lowermore topically focused checks throughout the time. We published one on blockchain technology before this time and have one about the pall coming over soon.

We lately streamlined our charge statement at Stack Overflow. As an association, we strive to empower the world to develop technology through collaborative knowledge. Your benefactions allow us to make and upgrade our knowledge of the inventor community and the state of the software. As always, we will make the data from the check available to the public shortlyso stay tuned for information on how to download it. Thanks for helping us to produce this report, please enjoy and partake, and we’ll see you again coming time.

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