Progressive Web App

Magento 2 PWA Theme

Embrace the technological evolution and join the future of
eCommerce with Magento PWA Studio.

Why Build Progressive Web Apps?

“In 2020, progressive web apps will replace 50% of the general-purpose and consumer-facing mobile apps


Loads instantly and works even in poor and uncertain network conditions.


Responds swiftly to user interactions with slick animations and friction-free scrolling.


It feels just like a native app on the mobile device with captivating user experience.


Advantages for Business Owners

Magento PWA Studio bundles the essential tools for quick and inexpensive development of PWA Storefront.
Fast Deployment

Save your precious time by circumventing the dedicated deployment of Android and iOS Apps.

Low Requirements
PWA works flawlessly on low-end mobile devices allowing you to cover a broader audience.
High Conversion
Instant discoverability, one-click installation, and optimized user experience help promote conversion rate
High Distribution
Increases app discovery and user acquisition over native apps with optimized data delivery.
High Performance
Service worker optimizes the overall web performance which helps entice a larger audience.


Advantages for End Users

Data Friendly
By using only a fraction of data PWA delivers smoother performance to users compared to native Apps.
Swift Loading
The loading time of a PWA is faster than a responsive website which results in better user experience.
Offline Mode
PWA is best known to work in low or no internet connection which significantly reduces bounce rates
No Installation
Users can simply add PWA to their mobile’s home screen in split seconds saving both time and space.
Auto Updates
Offers the best User Experience without the need for any voluntary manual update like in native Apps.
App Like Experience
PWA delivers Native App like performance and experience coupled with real-time updated content delivery.